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Be Still, Final Hurried Thoughts on Silence

I cannot express my gratitude that for that Monday night I described three blogs back. God reached into the hurry of my life and reminded me He is in fact still there. I was reminded that the Word of God is indeed alive. I was reminded that apart from Him I can do no good thing. I was reminded the blessedness of silence and reflection. I was reminded of the joy of obedience. I was graciously reminded just how desperately I needed to be still.

There is a laundry list of reasons why we should be still: guidance, motivation, comfort, correction, creativity, insight, hope, joy, peace, and the like. However none of these reasons fully addresses why I should be still. Perhaps the easy answer to the question is that God says so. Yet, easy answers to deep questions are an affront to the merciful spark that calls us to stillness, to ponder the deep mysteries of God.

I find that each time I seek stillness there was something unique and wonderful waiting for me. Sometimes I need to crawl into Abba’s lap and just know that He is there. Sometimes I need to hear the echo of Calvary as Jesus proclaims that I am the one He loves. Other times, I need to wrestle with the heart-wrenching question of why and hear silence instead of an answer. And sometimes I just need to know that I am still His, despite myself.

But I do not know what your reason is. I only know, no I only believe, that it is right. That deep within us all, there is that merciful spark begging us to stop and listen, to stop striving and to be still. I pray each of you discover the divine silence of God. I pray that in the midst of the world falling apart all around us, that we would find the cosmic importance of this simple command. I pray that a spark of mercy would awaken you to the living words of the Almighty, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Michael is a busy person surrounded by grace. He is a student at Denver Seminary and an aspiring church planter. You can read his blog, A Sprig of Hope, by clicking here.


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