An American Adventure

By Brendan Scott

After living in Guatemala for three years the idea of moving back to the United States sounded boring.  I thought, “Where’s the challenge in living in a country where I speak the language fluently?”

But readjusting to the states has been different than I expected.  While I can talk to almost everyone I meet, life here is still a challenge.  Just because I can communicate with everyone doesn’t mean making friends has happened effortlessly.

A couple of weeks ago, before the weather turned, I was transplanting trees for my uncle and it made me think about how hard it is to move.  To transplant a tree correctly the timing and soil must be right.  Pick the wrong season and the tree will whither and if the dirt is too hard the tree’s roots will never extend far enough to keep the tree alive.  And not to mention a lot of water must be added to keep the tree healthy in its new home.  It is also a lot of hard work for the person digging up the tree.  The trees roots must be left intact so that it can take hold in its new hole.

After I dug up and transplanted the fourth tree I was ready to admit change comes just about as difficultly for humans.  We root ourselves in our own holes and resist being transplanted even if there might be a better location for us.  Two of the trees I dug up and transplanted were hidden behind large pines.  They’d been there for years and years and their roots had taken hold in the dirt, but no one could see these trees.  They were wasted back behind the pines, but once I dug them up and planted them in their new holes my aunt said to me, “It looks as if they’ve always been there.  Like they’ve belonged there all along.”  She was right.  These two trees looked beautiful in their new locations and even if the change was difficult, it was good for them.

I know my life might not seem as adventurous as it was when I was living in Guatemala, but a challenge can be taken as an adventure if one keeps his or her eyes open and is willing to look for the bigger story.  And the challenge of taking jobs when I can get them  is a change that I hope has been good for me too.

I believe that my American adventure is just starting and I am excited to see where God plants me.  When God plants me into the soil he has prepared for me I know my roots will take hold and God will continue to grow me into the beautiful creation he created me to be, that’s his bigger story.  But if that is to happen I must be willing to let him do the work in me he desires to do.

No matter where I live I must live in his will, because that is right where I need to be and that’s when the true adventure begins.


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5 responses to “An American Adventure

  1. Georgie-ann

    Thanks for the beautiful picture of trees! Our usually beautiful Northeastern fall season was quite washed-out this year with untimely storms — hurricanes and snow. Here and there we had some brilliant color bursts, but that part of fall seems to be over for us this year before it began.

    Life can be predictable and unpredictable at the same time. Unfortunately, maybe, “speaking the same language” in a land where not that long ago, so many families came together from so many different cultural backgrounds to find freedom and prosperity, can be deceiving. What appears to be a (boring?) sameness on the outside, is often a cover for a world of differences on the inside, some compatible and some not so much!

    God, who really does know us personally, is not only our very best friend (and cheerleader!), but our best companion and guide through the waters of life we will be navigating. Realizing that we have a personal garden on the inside as well as the outside to tend, is a great way to begin — especially if we dedicate it all to Him. And always remembering that “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and that our “little becomes much in the Master’s hand.”

    Acts 20:35 “I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

  2. Georgie:

    We were fortunate in CO in that we had one of the more brilliant and pleasant falls in my recent memory. Our neighborhood was like a Monet painting. Really wonderful.


    Thanks for showing us a piece of your heart. All the while I thought you were just earning a few bucks transplanting tree. Just goes to show God takes each moment and turns it eternal. Thanks.

  3. Robert Horn

    What a meaningful analogy. Well written and wonderful life lesson.

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