Is God a Tim Tebow Fan?

By Eugene C. Scott

The Author Tebowing

It’s a miracle! On January 8, 2012 the underdog Denver Broncos upset the ostensibly better Pittsburgh Steelers in an American Football Conference wildcard playoff game. Those of you reading in South Africa, Britain, Antarctica, and Lizard Lick, North Carolina may be asking, “How is that a miracle?” And it’s a fair question.

You see with only a year before America might elect a new president, the entire nation is embroiled in a huge controversy over whether Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow is a very good passer and, even more, whether he should start every interview with, “First, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Those against Tim argue he is a terrible passer and is delusional to think God cares a whit about American football. Those for Tim counter with the fact that because he is winning, even though he is a terrible passer, proves that God is somehow involved. Hmm.

This last Sunday’s win did not help the debate, especially since Tebow passed for exactly 316 yards. His best day yet. And it turns out that Tebow’s favorite Bible verse is–you’ll never guess–John 3:16. Coincidence?

Then to top it all off–literally–a cloud in the form of a halo appeared above the football stadium after the game.

There is no doubt in many Tebowites’ minds that these are God sightings, signs that God cares about Tim Tebow and things as mundane as a Denver Broncos’ game.

As many said after the game, “It’s a miracle!”

If you’ve been reading this blog the last couple of weeks, you may remember we’re running an experiment. We’re spending 2012 trying to find out what it’s like to live every day spiritually: to look for the God-created soul in daily life. We’re looking for God sightings, little miracles, ways in which God becomes apparent in nature, people, music, work, movies, sermons, meals, the Bible, worship, prayer and other apparent mundanities.

But did God don a Broncos jersey after church and show up at the Broncos game? Are the 316 yards and the halo cloud God sightings? Miracles?

Stranger things have happened. Jesus had Peter pay his taxes from money Peter found in a fishes’ mouth. Jesus turned water into wine and later transformed a Roman torture device into a universal symbol of hope and new life. And almost every Sunday people gather–not in a stadium but in a worship community–to experience the sacrament of mere bread and wine mysteriously becoming the body and blood of Christ.

Closer to home Christ fashioned this fatherless boy into a father, this high school drop out into a teacher, this addict into a free man, this carpenter into a counselor, and this self-centered person into a servant. Stranger things indeed. History may not prove God engineered a Bronco win. But is sure shows God puts his mark on things big and little.

Was Tebow’s win a miracle? Maybe, maybe not. But people are talking about God outside of church and Google has had a run on searches for John 3:16. God seems very comfortable using what ever he can to get us to see beyond our own noses. And that in itself may be a miracle.

Personally I doubt God orchestrated Tebow’s big day but God does seem to be in the habit of breaking into our regular programming for a more urgent messages. Our task is to listen up.

Eugene C. Scott learned to love the Broncos from his late mother and has followed them since he was a kid. He actually shed a tear when John Elway was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is not convinced Tim Tebow is the Second Coming of John Elway.  Other than that, football means nothing to him. He’d much rather you join him in watching for God sightings and telling your stories here and on “Living Spiritually” at Eugene is co-pastor of The Neighborhood Church and may wear his Broncos jersey to worship next Sunday.


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4 responses to “Is God a Tim Tebow Fan?

  1. Georgie-ann

    I’m a believer!,…(and I don’t care much for football, but I know how much God loves those who truly love Him!)

  2. Georgie-ann

    You know what’s so great about it?,…It’s obvious that our “humanness” is NOT perfect, does not function flawlessly at all times — but our being willing to expose this and humble enough to continue on, risking, praying, making those “mistakes” (for all to see), and all the while, trying, attempting to give our best, and then letting God make of it what He will. The special moments make it all worthwhile, those special “touches” that could come only from God!

    It reminds me of the first “Jesus” song I ever learned,…(from my precious, “non-religious” mother, of all sources!) This is true on so many levels: we are NOT able, but He IS able,…I give Him my weaknesses & He gives me His strength,…& somehow it’s win-win!

    “Jesus loves me, this I know!

    For the Bible tells me so!

    Little ones to Him belong,

    They are weak, but He is strong!

    Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!

    The Bible tells me so!”

    By the way, that song is “special” in that it is written in the 5-note pentatonic scale, the one that gives “oriental” music its characteristic “sound.” It is possible to play the melody using only the black keys on the piano, which sound out the pentatonic scale. (Of course, it can be played on all the other keys as well!) This has perhaps added to its universal appeal, as it has proved to be a great missionary song, containing great Truth, and being easy to teach and learn world-wide, even in the oriental cultures! (Sounds like musical God-inspiration to me!)


    • Georgie:

      On Sunday morning our children’s pastor had our congregation gather around our kids and sing that song to them. It was a beautiful moment. Years ago my youngest daughter forbid me from singing it to her, however. “You can’t sing,” she said. She’s right!

      • Georgie-ann

        Mark 6:4 “But Jesus said to them, ‘A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.’ ”

        Such is our “sorrowful” unappreciated fate as parents,…(all the more reason to send them elsewhere to learn!),…God certainly does work in strange ways!,…I wanted to teach my own kids music, but they wanted to play every seasonal sport you could think of,…So, I teach other peoples’ kids music, and “the beat goes on,”…I think God knows what He is doing, however,…His Wisdom is certainly better than ours,…especially in the job of parenting!,…my sincere sympathy and heart-felt condolences!,…g (-:

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