Who Served You?

Memorial Day is a day to say thank you to those who died in the service of our nation in the U.S. armed forces.  My two grandpas, both pictured above, fought in World War Two.  My grandpa Chuck (on the left) served in the Army Air Corps. and my grandpa Jim (on the right) was in the Army and served in the Pacific Theater.  Neither of them died while fighting, but the sacrificed non-theless.

My grandpa Jim died ten years ago.  When he died I was too young to realize all that he gave up to protect my freedoms and my grandpa Chuck died before I was born.  I can’t go and tell them thank you for their sacrifice, which allows me to live freely in the United States.  I am very grateful that I even got to meet my grandpa Jim.  I know there are thousands of Americans who never got to meet their fathers, as they died while serving.

To all the men and women who died while serving my country, I thank you.  I am blessed to live in the United States of America.  I hope as we celebrate Memorial Day we remember who served us.

Happy Memorial Day!


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4 responses to “Who Served You?

  1. Georgie-ann

    For everything we have, for every opportunity we’ve had, even for the air we breathe, we can thank someone else,… The short-sighted, and often unwise, may even congratulate themselves on a self-centered commitment and devotion to perpetual uncommitment and “living for the moment,”… Many aspects of our modern life-styles usher the youth into a mindset that “it’s all about them,”… It’s all too easy to become hedonistic and take far too many blessings for granted,… to lose the viewpoint of having and showing respect and appreciation for others, and even the basic desire to help and be a blessing to others,…

    Since children, socially, are simply victims and “results” of their programming and conditioning, by the teaching and examples of those who are raising them — family-wise and culture-wise — they are not to blame initially,… but woe to the cultures that have neglected to instill proper and balanced perspectives on the basic foundations of life and personal responsibility,…

    When the emerging adult still wants to “remain a child,” to never really grow up, to remain a perpetual “Peter Pan”, — to, figuratively speaking, keep sucking their thumb and just watch cartoons — something has gone very wrong. When parents (and schools) put so much attention and focus (doting) on their own child/children, that they neglect to become themselves a strong example of an adult with purpose, identity, backbone, faith, self-respect, commitment and courage, the children ultimately lose,…

    They desperately need those points of strength, example and support in their lives, to not only feel secure, but to model the path of right personal development. When we (instead) “idolize” the youth, and childhood and even our own children, they will ultimately have nothing else left to look up to,… no visible, trodden, sure path to follow,… no “been there and survived it all” guide to inspire them to better ways, through the complexities and challenges they will surely face,… Many will soon deviate from a healthy path, simply by default,… for lack of better examples and not having “the necessary data” already pre-programmed within,… A life built on imitating cartoons and such concocted imaginary stuff, will be flimsily supported, indeed,…

    On the other hand, your grandfathers established a strong basis for your families and for our country, of service and self-sacrifice, courage and purpose that transcends our momentary lives,… Christ has done this for us in a superlative manner as well,… Our “blood-bought” freedoms will only be “renewed” as there will be those who choose to follow in such brave and committed footsteps,…

    Spiritual warfare is just as real as “earthly” disputes and warfare. In fact it underlies all warfare and struggles that we face,… even “within” and without for ourselves personally,… Only the committed will ultimately triumph in the finest ways, and they will be helping many others in the process,…

    I give thanks for each and every person in my life, who has been committed in a positive way to serve something better and higher than ordinary self-serving,… Each and every such one has been a blessing and inspiration to me,… Together, and with the help of God, we will be “the salt of the Earth” until the Return of our Lord,… and until such a time, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on,…

    Matthew 5:13
    “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men.”

    • Georgie-ann

      Luke 17:7-10 (excerpted)
      7 “Will any man of you who has a servant … … … ”

      9 “Is he grateful and does he praise the servant because he did what he was ordered to do?

      10 “Even so on your part, when you have done everything that was assigned and commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy servants [possessing no merit, for we have not gone beyond our obligation]; we have [merely] done what was our duty to do.'”

    • Georgie-ann

      one of my favorite examples (re: raising children, as above),… even tomato plants profit from being “staked” (provided with and tied to strong, lifting, supports), in order to produce the best fruits,… pruning the growing plant is often quite good and to be recommended, too,…

      otherwise, things get weedy, chaotic, and overgrown very easily,… “going to seed” with very little profit,…

    • Georgie-ann

      John 15:13
      “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

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