Rams, Super Chivos, and Waterton Canyon

Colorado is a pretty amazing place to live, and like Ferris Bueller said, “life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

This year I’ve been trying to live spiritually, which means slowing down so I don’t miss anything.  Especially anything God has for me here in Colorado (Because that’s where I live so it’s best to open my eyes to what God has for me in my home state).

The other week, during the first week in June something out of the ordinary happened and I was blessed enough to see witness it.

On June first, I went biking up Waterton Canyon in South West Denver.  Waterton Canyon had been closed for the last two years, so I was pretty excited to be able go for a ride up the road next to the Platt River.  On my way up the trail I came across a heard of Rams.  It was amazing, but a couple came a too little close for comfort.

As I stood by my bike taking pictures, a couple of bikers slowed down to look, but then sped off.  It was as if they had seen such puny wildlife before.  Maybe this was special to me because I hadn’t been biking in Colorado in almost two years, but maybe it meant more to me because I went on the ride with my eyes open.  I wanted to see what God had for me.

I could’ve stayed home and not gone on the ride.  My bike was broken and I knew I would have to borrow a girl’s cruiser bike to be able to even go on the ride.  I was tired and would have enjoyed a nap.  But living spiritually means getting out on the trail even when it means a difficult ride.

Living spiritually means stopping and watching God’s wildlife, trusting that He’s in control.  Those rams were wild and I’m lucky they didn’t decide to fight my bike.  Or maybe I’m blessed to live in Colorado where I can see God’s wild creation if I just open my eyes.

What have you seen lately?  Are you biking right past the rams or are you living a little more like Ferris Bueller?

Don’t miss the life God’s given you.  Join my dad, Eugene Scott, and me as we look for the amazing in our daily lives.  Start living spiritually with us.

Some of you might be wondering what a Super Chivo is.  Well in English, it is a Super Ram, which is the mascot for Xela’s soccer team.  And it so happens that I was wearing my Xelaju soccer jersey on the ride and so maybe the ram didn’t ram me because I am a Super Chivo!


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5 responses to “Rams, Super Chivos, and Waterton Canyon

  1. Carri

    I think from growing up in western KS I really appreciate all the beauty we get to enjoy out here although they did have some amazing sunsets. I don’t ever want to lose the thrill of seeing the majesty of His creation. Since I adopted a dog a few months ago I see alot more of those intracasies while out walking her. There is so much color and variety in the flowers I see and the trees, it sometimes overwhelms me and takes my breath away. And truly God is an animal lover since He created them first!!!! : )

    Have a great week Brendan!

  2. Georgie-ann

    It looks like the chivos have become accustomed to “owning (and patrolling) the road”! It’s good that you passed their inspection routine, judging by their impressive head-gear!

    My weekend was taken up by a “Big Fat Italian Wedding” (out of town),… plus the yearly local Greek Festival, which had to be sacrificially dove-tailed into some remaining open spots,… as well as the Catholic Church’s Corpus Cristi Sunday services & Procession,… All Great & Powerful stuff!,… It took a lot of yeses and doing to cover all the bases,… and my personal recuperation has not yet been accomplished!

    Of course, I “could” have avoided the whole thing (as you say), by napping on the couch as well,… but I sure would have missed a lot,… and a lot of extra blessings that don’t always come your way!

    I love the divine “yes!”

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