What To Do In The Happiest Place On Earth

Fulford, Colorado is the happiest place on Earth.  At least that’s what my friends call it, and I tend to agree with them.  And I am lucky enough to have friends who own a cabin in the happiest place on Earth.

This little mountain community is ten miles up into the White River National Forest just below New York mountain, away from any type of civilization.  No cellphones, no tv’s, and no computers.   You couldn’t even read my blog if you wanted to.  Well, I guess some cabins up there have satalite dishes, but I sure don’t go up to the cabin to stay connected to the world.

Yes, Fulford is great for hiking, fishing, and star gazing, all great things to do in the mountains, but I love Fulford because it is a great place to relax.  Whenever my family is able to stay at the cabin, we set aside any agenda.  If we want to wake up early and go for a walk, we do it.  If we sleep in and then relax on the couches drinking coffee or hot chocolate, we do that.

Fulford is not a place for the busy lifestyle.  Last week in my blog, I wrote about how we need to slow down as we experience life.   Fulford is a place that forces you to slow down.  While I was up there this weekend, I finished the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes (of which I had been reading on and off for three years) took a hike, and napped.

If you really want to know what to do in the mountains, follow my advice.  Find a quite spot, in a cabin, or in a tent, and read.  Read until your eyes are too heavy and then take a nap.  God wants us to relax.  If we are always on the go we wont have enough concentration and energy to notice him.

I’ve been trying to live spiritually this year, and sometimes I forget that God just wants me.  He doesn’t want me to do anything special, yes it was fun hiking Mt. Elbert, but he would rather have me.  And that takes some quiet time.  That is why Fulford is the happiest place on Earth.  It takes you away from every modern comfort and forces you slow down.  And I find when I am living slowly I feel more complete.

I hope everyone is able to go on a vacation this summer, short or long, heck Fulford was just a weekend trip, and is able to relax.  If you haven’t found time to get up into the mountains or some other quiet spot, then turn off your computer and power down all of your other distractions, ’cause God wants you to have some time with just Him.



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7 responses to “What To Do In The Happiest Place On Earth

  1. JPM MD

    Don’t forget Fulford Cave, a favorite among those who love dark creepy cracks in the earth’s surface, bats, places that very quiet and secluded, like caves are supposed to be. So if you are capable, have the correct equiptment, and tell the Forest Service you are going into the cave, here’s a link to read: http://www.coloradocaving.com/fulfordcave.html

  2. Georgie-ann

    Positively agree!,… Beautiful pristine natural spots also have some quiet — but profound and spiritual — “musical songs” they can whisper and “sing” into our spirits, hearts and minds,… “Songs” of deep and eternal mysteries and meaning,… of transcendent peace and harmony that will eventually permeate our being,… bringing life, healing, integration and restoration for body and soul,… Our extended experiences and sense of established oneness with this harmonious universe and its benevolent Creator, will go a long way toward helping to affirm/confirm, preserve and define(!) our earthly sanity,… (in the face of the chaotic challenges that will abound elsewhere — but which are destined, in Shakespeare’s words, to be “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”),…

    The deep pool of the resource of the tranquility of the “love” underlying it All, is sensed as being so special and sacred, so as “not to even be mentioned” — lest the slightest ripple become a disturbance on its restful surface,…

    And yet, farther off, a bird sings,…

  3. Georgie-ann

    The concept of “retreat” comes to mind,… Retreats are very common “practice” in some branches of Christianity,… especially those where growing in one’s own personal “spirituality” has been a focus throughout history,…

    Silent retreats are one style,… others have various ministries of teaching and group work going on,… lots of topics and formats are possible,… but I like yours — simple and personal — trusting both yourself and God to lead you and be with you,… very blessed!

    I just caught a glimpse of how “being in a personal retreat” minimizes our tendency to be (naturally) dependent on others to mirror some of our “reality” back to us,… everyday the people around us mirror something back to us,… but who really knows us better than our own inner selves and God??,… this is a very inspiring concept,… as you say: “God just wants me.” God wishes to be included in our daily experiences and ongoing inner conversations, our restings, contemplations and ponderings,…

    Where could you ever find a better (or more real) friend?

  4. Georgie-ann

    … and I think that most of us know that — “alone with God” — we don’t have to bother with our usual “performance efforts” — (i.e., “presenting our best face” and “putting our best foot forward”) — that we usually try to put on for others,… (well,… after all, we surely wouldn’t want to be scaring anybody!)

    … and it’s great when you say: “Well,… here we are,… it’s you and me, God!”,… and you kind of hear Him saying back: “I’m here,… always have been,… and always will be!”

  5. Georgie-ann

    that’s love!

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