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What Wayne, Garth, and Alice Cooper tell us about God…and us

In the movie Wayne’s World, Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar produce a television show on a public access station. A Chicago network television station, however, decides to hire the two men to broadcast their program to a much larger audience. Suddenly, their lives are changed as they begin living the dream.

In one scene, the two misfits attend a rock music concert performed by Alice Cooper. Afterward, they’re ushered backstage where they meet their hero. After paying their respects, the rocker invites them to hang out with him.

How do they respond? Click on the above video and find out.

Imagine meeting your greatest hero. How would you respond? Would you be nervous? Would you drop to your knees like Wayne and Garth chanting, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”?

In John’s apocalyptic vision in the Revelation,  God is seated on his throne, surrounded by the twenty-four elders and four living creatures who worship him night and day. Over and over, the four living creatures hover around the throne and repeat these words:

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come. Revelation 4:8

At the same time, the 24 elders kneel before God saying,

You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being. Revelation 4:11

It’s reminiscent of Wayne and Garth when they met Alice Cooper, isn’t it?

Scholars differ on the identity of the 24 elders. Some speculate that they are angelic beings, others believe they represent the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples, still others believe they represent the church. Prophetic visions in Scripture are often murky, which tells me that nailing the details aren’t important. What’s important to us in this passage is that heavenly beings surround the throne, worshiping God. And someday we will join the elders and 4 living creatures worshiping him.

Does this sound boring to you? Is God nothing more than a megalomaniac?

I don’t think we have an inkling of an idea of how great is our God. If we really saw him as he is, we would drop to our knees and join the elders and four living creatures. God is that BIG! He is that much GREATER than us.

It’s no mistake that before the conflict of the ages unfolds in Revelation, we begin with a vision of God seated on the throne. And what are the four living creatures and twenty-four elders saying? That God is great, he created all things for himself, and all life comes from him and exists for him. He is holy and his reign never comes to an end. Not for a moment has his reign decreased, faltered, or been diminished.

The message to us: God is still on the throne. In the midst of John’s exile in Patmos, God is still seated on the throne.

In the midst of the conflict of the ages, God is still on the throne.

In the midst of your conflicts, challenges, and moments of despair, God is still on the throne.

Sometimes we need a reminder.

Michael co-pastors The Neighborhood Church in Littleton, Colorado with Eugene Scott. Portions of this post first appeared in the December 13, 2010 installment of The Neighborhood Cafe. 

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