Your Servers

Every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, one of three people will be serving you a cup of coffee, luncheon fare, or a delectable treat.

Eugene C. Scott

One of Eugene’s top ten ways to while away a crisp Colorado morning is sipping a cup of coffee with friends and telling or listening to a good story, especially stories about God and faith and real life–and–of course elk and hunting.

The other nine things on his top ten list are spending time with Dee Dee, his wife, or his children, or his close friends, or all of the above hiking, mountain biking, staring at beautiful things, yakking about or actually writing, laughing, eating hamburgers, praying, and discussing the vagaries of time travel.  In other words living stories.

“Everyone has a story,” Eugene says.  “Sometimes even good ones.”

Be careful though, his family and friends warn, if your story is a good one, Eugene will probably use it in one of his blogs, books, articles, sermons, or conversations–with your permission of course.

If you want to know more about Eugene, especially schooling, work, and all that officially stuffy stuff, check out his other bio on the TNC website.  Or you could email him and ask him to tell you a story–the one about the run-away horse even has a point.  Or you can make up your own.


Michael J. Klassen

Michael readily admits that coffee is a vice he won’t readily give up. The only way you’ll finally be able to wrest his cup away is when you pry it from his cold, dead hands…

Since 1997, Michael has ghostwritten numerous books and authored four of his own including:

He has also contributed to numerous study Bibles in various capacities including the New Men’s Devotional Bible, God’s Story, and the Archeological Study Bible.

Three years ago, he and Eugene sensed God leading them to plant The Neighborhood Church in Littleton, Colorado. Despite the hard work that is required, he’s thankful for the people who have joined their community and he’s thankful for serving alongside Eugene.

Michael has been married to his lovely wife Kelley for almost 23 years and enjoys spending time with his three daughters Anna, Allie, and Marina. You can learn more about Michael on the TNC website.

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